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02.10.2009: Version 1.0.3564
02.10.2009: Version 1.0.3561
  • Improved the ending of the tutorial
  • Campaign: 2000 Coins for each invitaion!
30.09.2009: Version 1.0.3545
  • Hive Rise can now be started without administrator permissions on Windows XP.
10.09.2009: Version 1.0.3518
  • fixed a bug in the auto attack of the units
08.09.2009: Version 1.0.3495
  • Introduced a new and really hard to get quality of the trophys.
01.09.2009: Version 1.0.3453
  • Playes a sound if a player enter or leave a match in the lobby
  • Direct match function for the league
  • Fixed a problem with the league graphic in the lobby
  • Added setting to enable/disable the badword filter.
  • Fixed a problem with library paths on Linux
  • Fixed a problem that Hive Rise did not terminate correctly on some Linux distributions.
24.08.2009: Version 1.0.3319
  • Start of the Hive Rise League.
  • Improved the compatibility with older graphic cards.
  • Fixed a problem where the clock in the lobby stands still.
  • Fixed a rare crash when chatting in a match.
  • Now very high resolutions are supported.
  • Now the SDL error message is displayed when the window cant be opened.
  • Now checks if all required libraries are installed when starting Hive Rise on Linux and displays a warning if some library is missing.
  • The dependecies of mplayer on Linux have been reduced.
17.08.2009: Version 1.0.3140
  • improved the compatbility with PulseAudio on Linux.
  • Improved the player lists in the lobby
12.08.2009: Version 1.0.3083
  • Linux client released
  • Update of the radio stations
  • The game now starts noticible faster
  • Improved the compatibility with ATI graphic cards
11.08.2009: Version 1.0.3016
  • Fixed a crash with graphic cards without pixel shaders.
10.08.2009: Version 1.0.2985
  • Improved the compatibility with GeForce 5 series graphics cards.
  • Updated the radio stations.
06.08.2009: Version 1.0.2926
  • Chat is now also possible in the games. Use the return key to send messages to teammates, use the backspace key to send messages to all players. On public maps you can only use the team chat.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong alpha channels in screenshots
  • Improved the chat in the lobby
  • Replaced a missing image in the end game wizzard
04.08.2009: Version 1.0.2899
  • Fixed a bug where units are showen as own in the spectator mode
  • Introduced a list of attenders into the lobby
  • Improved the scrollbars in the invite window
  • In the options the description of the hotkey "Previous radio station" is no longer cropped
  • Entering a tabulator as the first character in a multiline input field does no longer crash the game
31.07.2009: Version 1.0.2853
  • Improved the item Obstacle
  • Release Candidate 1
  • Fixed a problem with playing the building place sound while watching a replay
  • Fixed a visual bug in the upgrade center
  • Fixed a crash while alerting an error message
  • Prettyfies the loginwindow
  • Improved the tool tips of infantrymen with assault rifles and infantrymen with bazookas
  • Improved the tool tips in the upgrade center
  • Fixed problems with matches over 1 million points in the match list
28.07.2009: Version 0.9.2784
  • fixed a problem where the tutorial player can hold the base forever
  • removed the possibillity to use items in the tutorial
  • The download of match replays does no longer start automatically.
  • The last 30 replays are locally cached now. The replay of the last own match can now be viewed instantly.
  • fixed a bug where to mutch socres are given
  • fixed a bug where bases are not longer ablebe reused
  • Now showing highscores with more than a million points on the welcome screen properly
  • Improved the game description of the matchtype Conqueror
  • fixed a translation issue in the Settings
27.07.2009: Version 0.9.2761
  • introduces the setting of texture quality
  • enhanced the items Rifle backup and Bazooka backup
  • allows to enter the @-character with hungarian keyboard layouts.
  • rebalancing of the unit scoring
  • the tutorial is no longer counted as a failed game
23.07.2009: Version 0.9.2722
22.07.2009: Version 0.9.2697
  • beta test version
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